Back in business!

Well, my first ever venture into the repair of our heating boiler went well!
Turns out the diverter valve was needing replaced, however in doing so all the old seal rings that were disturbed in the process needed replaced too.

What should have been an hours work has taken 3, it’s totally worth it though. The radiators feel warmer as does the hot water and ultimately I’m left feeling like a god damned ninja!



Fuck you, Monday!

Ugh, I’ve been up since 4:30am, the cats kicked off wanting fed, then the boiler came on for the heating but didn’t sound right. It’s at this point I noticed the dripping noise from the boiler. I’ve done all the detective work I can, it’s a leaking diverter valve (not that I know what it is or does) so it looks like I just have to get on with my day and find a heating engineer at some point too!

Fuck you, Monday!






I have not been particularly interested in dabbling in wordpress, this has always just been a little bit of a background interest that’s never really materialised.
Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll get a little more familiar with what I’d doing and potentially make this site a little more interesting.

Can’t sleep

Im struggling to sleep tonight, so I’ve taken to twitter to abuse the westboro baptist church. They’re not biting though!

Will keep anyone actually reading this tripe posted!


I’m well aware the internets has far too much cat content as it is, but after scooping the tray tonight I thought you might like to know that my cats are clearly training for some sort of shite-ing Olympics!

Nelson for gold by the looks of it!


Charitable Steev


I’m taking part in the Beast of Banchory on 27/09/2014 to raise money for Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland and I’d really appreciate your support.

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