Goodbye, old friend.

This week has been a tough one to say the least. On Wednesday just past, I attended the funeral of a long term friend of mine; Chris Forbes.
We hadn’t spoken properly in quite a while, he had on occasion reached out to mend the broken bridge between us. Unfortunately I took our relatively young ages for granted and assumed we’d be able to rekindle our friendship over time, a time less hectic than that of my life now.
As I write this, my mind races from point to point, memory to memory of some of the best and worst times I had with the man, all of which give me a small smile. Through it all, Forbes always made sure things were never taken too seriously.
There’s a lot to be learned from his passing and the way in which he lived his life. Don’t take life too seriously and make time for those around you that are important before it’s too late.
Rest in peace, pal.
Missing you and your utterly pish patter, I’m truly sorry I never made the effort to mend our relationship to the way it once was.