Eye opening life experience

As I performed a word class dismount from the car last week, I dropped my phone. That perfect 10 exit became an absolute 3 at most. I broke my screen on my phone. At first I didn’t think it was a particularly big deal until I tried to get on with my life. First there was the little pieces of rough glass ruining my thumb, then the squinting to read messages through the cracks, I’m sure you’d agree it wasn’t the end of the world until the screen stopped working and the sudden realisation that 90% of my life revolves around me having a phone. All the apps on my phone are secured by sending me an authentication code if anyone tries to log in elsewhere, not really a problem if, for example, you’re logging in on your pc and have your phone. So, facebook, twitter, internet banking and all that jazz… no access, what a fucking delight.

Fast forward a couple of days, 2 attempted screen replacements by myself and a lot of spare time on my hands I’m standing outside the Apple Store waiting on a pal turning up to keep me company while I pay over the odds for Apple to sort my phone. 

Have you ever tried to act cool/natural without a phone these days? You just end up not knowing what to do with your hands, the went from folding my arms, to hands on my hips to In my pocket, to hanging my hands by my thumbs in my pockets, all the while smiling at people in the hope they don’t think I’m weird. It’s thoroughly awful! 

I’m going to make more effort not to live my life on or via my phone, I managed when I was a kid, I’m sure I can manage as an under developed man-child!