Wedding eve

Wedding tomorrow! Should be interesting.
I’ve not ironed anything yet, I’m not shaved and I should probably be trying to get an early night, but here I am trying to install linux on a portable HDD so I can play with it where ever I plug in! It’s a sound theory, but I’ve had fuck all luck so far!

Today I decided to have a play with the Subaru, put the original scoop back on, put a standard bootlid on. It actually looks better if I’m honest.
I’ll be sure to refit the standard lights at the rear too. It’s a great car, I’m kind of sorry I ever interfered with it in the first place.
I should have another Subaru headed my way soon, it’s in need of an engine rebuild but I think overall it’ll be a better car once it’s running (it’ll be standard) so I may be tempted to sell mine on. We’ll see how the rebuild goes!

The spawn is coming up 19 weeks, which is nice.

Edit/Update: Just had my orders to get to bed! The boss has spoken!