So far so good. Nothing has shat it’s pants yet.

In all honesty, if I can get to grips with not just the OS, but the utilities that come with it, I can see me having very little use for windows in the near future.

I currently run a plex server off a windows 10 OS. I did dabble with running it on Ubuntu server OS but in the end I was as desperate to get it up and running I chose to follow the convenience of windows installation. After further investigation, I’ve realised that my only hold up was my own impatience. A brief 20 minutes on google today and I’m pretty convinced I should have persevered with Ubuntu server to allow maximum resources for serving my media to my devices! I THINK I may have been able to set my server up as cloud storage as well, but given I couldn’t even get it to recognise my hard drives at the time, I threw the towel in!

How’s that for a “can do” attitude!