Update on Gav

So, anyone who’s read back far enough on here will know I’ve had a few messages from Gav that would probably cause any normal person to report him to the men in white coats.
I haven’t gotten round to uploading them, but I have a lovely collection of short video clips from Gav now. They all involve him having a shite. The most impressive of which involves Gav hanging his arse off the top of a step ladder and taking a clean shot into the pot. Doesn’t even hit the porcelain. I’m sure there’s some sort of brown eye/dead shot based pun there I’m just not willing to spend that much time thinking about it.

I’m sure come time, I’ll get my “poop in a group” (pardon the pun) and upload the pooping videos in all their glory. The beauty being that no cunt looks on here anyway, so it may be one of the internet’s many undiscovered… talents?