It’s been a while

Blogging isn’t really my thing if I’m honest.
I post random thoughts on twitter, the occasional share of utter bollocks on facebook and I love a pic of the cats on instagram.

I suppose I should really make more effort though, I’m paying for this site. Might as well use it.
If I’m perfectly honest, I only installed wordpress so I can play with it. The blogging side of it is pretty much a way of checking everything still works once I play with the site.

As I type, I’m sitting in Aviemore on the bi-annual family holiday. Everyone else is pretty much out cold on the sofa’s.
I’m looking at playing about with Linux on both my PC and laptop. I think I’ll play with the PC first as it’s easiest to fix if I fuck up, plus there’s nothing to lose on there, it’s only used for gaming. Cloud storage and the laptop is where the “business” is. I use the term business very loosely, it’s a copy of my CV and the occasional finance spreadsheet that never quite ties up with my spending.