Goodbye, old friend.

This week has been a tough one to say the least. On Wednesday just past, I attended the funeral of a long term friend of mine; Chris Forbes.
We hadn’t spoken properly in quite a while, he had on occasion reached out to mend the broken bridge between us. Unfortunately I took our relatively young ages for granted and assumed we’d be able to rekindle our friendship over time, a time less hectic than that of my life now.
As I write this, my mind races from point to point, memory to memory of some of the best and worst times I had with the man, all of which give me a small smile. Through it all, Forbes always made sure things were never taken too seriously.
There’s a lot to be learned from his passing and the way in which he lived his life. Don’t take life too seriously and make time for those around you that are important before it’s too late.
Rest in peace, pal.
Missing you and your utterly pish patter, I’m truly sorry I never made the effort to mend our relationship to the way it once was.

Eye opening life experience

As I performed a word class dismount from the car last week, I dropped my phone. That perfect 10 exit became an absolute 3 at most. I broke my screen on my phone. At first I didn’t think it was a particularly big deal until I tried to get on with my life. First there was the little pieces of rough glass ruining my thumb, then the squinting to read messages through the cracks, I’m sure you’d agree it wasn’t the end of the world until the screen stopped working and the sudden realisation that 90% of my life revolves around me having a phone. All the apps on my phone are secured by sending me an authentication code if anyone tries to log in elsewhere, not really a problem if, for example, you’re logging in on your pc and have your phone. So, facebook, twitter, internet banking and all that jazz… no access, what a fucking delight.

Fast forward a couple of days, 2 attempted screen replacements by myself and a lot of spare time on my hands I’m standing outside the Apple Store waiting on a pal turning up to keep me company while I pay over the odds for Apple to sort my phone. 

Have you ever tried to act cool/natural without a phone these days? You just end up not knowing what to do with your hands, the went from folding my arms, to hands on my hips to In my pocket, to hanging my hands by my thumbs in my pockets, all the while smiling at people in the hope they don’t think I’m weird. It’s thoroughly awful! 

I’m going to make more effort not to live my life on or via my phone, I managed when I was a kid, I’m sure I can manage as an under developed man-child! 

Wedding eve

Wedding tomorrow! Should be interesting.
I’ve not ironed anything yet, I’m not shaved and I should probably be trying to get an early night, but here I am trying to install linux on a portable HDD so I can play with it where ever I plug in! It’s a sound theory, but I’ve had fuck all luck so far!

Today I decided to have a play with the Subaru, put the original scoop back on, put a standard bootlid on. It actually looks better if I’m honest.
I’ll be sure to refit the standard lights at the rear too. It’s a great car, I’m kind of sorry I ever interfered with it in the first place.
I should have another Subaru headed my way soon, it’s in need of an engine rebuild but I think overall it’ll be a better car once it’s running (it’ll be standard) so I may be tempted to sell mine on. We’ll see how the rebuild goes!

The spawn is coming up 19 weeks, which is nice.

Edit/Update: Just had my orders to get to bed! The boss has spoken!



So far so good. Nothing has shat it’s pants yet.

In all honesty, if I can get to grips with not just the OS, but the utilities that come with it, I can see me having very little use for windows in the near future.

I currently run a plex server off a windows 10 OS. I did dabble with running it on Ubuntu server OS but in the end I was as desperate to get it up and running I chose to follow the convenience of windows installation. After further investigation, I’ve realised that my only hold up was my own impatience. A brief 20 minutes on google today and I’m pretty convinced I should have persevered with Ubuntu server to allow maximum resources for serving my media to my devices! I THINK I may have been able to set my server up as cloud storage as well, but given I couldn’t even get it to recognise my hard drives at the time, I threw the towel in!

How’s that for a “can do” attitude!

Home time 

Today we head home from Aviemore, it’s been a fun week but we’ve got real life to contend with.

I’m full of good intentions, I’ll attempt a dual boot system with windows and Linux on my PC, I’ll update my CV, I’ll get the washing done and up to date, I’ll find and fix that clunk I keep hearing in the scoob, etc.

The reality is, I’ll probably spend most of my time this weekend playing with the cats.


Last post tonight, I promise.

Not sure how many people know and after posting it on here, I’m pretty sure the number will not increase, but it sure feels nice putting it out for the world to see.



Which is nice.

(pic is from a 7wk scan, it’s a produce of IVF. Turns out the one bollock I was “blessed” with doesn’t even fucking work properly)

Update on Gav

So, anyone who’s read back far enough on here will know I’ve had a few messages from Gav that would probably cause any normal person to report him to the men in white coats.
I haven’t gotten round to uploading them, but I have a lovely collection of short video clips from Gav now. They all involve him having a shite. The most impressive of which involves Gav hanging his arse off the top of a step ladder and taking a clean shot into the pot. Doesn’t even hit the porcelain. I’m sure there’s some sort of brown eye/dead shot based pun there I’m just not willing to spend that much time thinking about it.

I’m sure come time, I’ll get my “poop in a group” (pardon the pun) and upload the pooping videos in all their glory. The beauty being that no cunt looks on here anyway, so it may be one of the internet’s many undiscovered… talents?

It’s been a while

Blogging isn’t really my thing if I’m honest.
I post random thoughts on twitter, the occasional share of utter bollocks on facebook and I love a pic of the cats on instagram.

I suppose I should really make more effort though, I’m paying for this site. Might as well use it.
If I’m perfectly honest, I only installed wordpress so I can play with it. The blogging side of it is pretty much a way of checking everything still works once I play with the site.

As I type, I’m sitting in Aviemore on the bi-annual family holiday. Everyone else is pretty much out cold on the sofa’s.
I’m looking at playing about with Linux on both my PC and laptop. I think I’ll play with the PC first as it’s easiest to fix if I fuck up, plus there’s nothing to lose on there, it’s only used for gaming. Cloud storage and the laptop is where the “business” is. I use the term business very loosely, it’s a copy of my CV and the occasional finance spreadsheet that never quite ties up with my spending.